Employee Branding: Does It Help Your Brand?

Justyna Zgodka, Senior recruiter at the Centre of Expertise for railway manufacturers Bombardier held a talk about the importance of employee branding and how they were adapting to the revolution.

Employee branding is a concept incorporated at the recruitment stage and subsequently. It supports the idea that a brand can thrive by investing in its employees, ensuring they are treated true to the brand values and maintaining their positive perception of your brand.

Every company cares about who they are employing, for the sake of the business. However, they can also gain a negative image by failing to consider the needs of their employees.

justynaFigure 1 Zgodka at a talk about Bombardier’s newest recruitment process

Employee branding has increased in popularity as companies become more aware that employees are a brand’s most important stakeholder. Not only does their connection to the brand affect their own purchasing decisions but businesses that have gained a reputation as poor employers are less likely to build a following of loyal customers. After all, how can a brand be respected if they don’t respect their own employees?

A notable example of successful employee branding is that of health and beauty manufacturers Lush, who invest hours of training time into employee’s and pride themselves on paying national living wage and their customer service is almost always exemplary. Happy employers represent an excellent brand.

So how did Bombardier plan to adapt to this change? One of their most constructive (and effective) modifications was to shorten the general time it took to employ an individual.

The time to hire (TTH) was adjusted globally as 10 weeks, from the period they meet a candidate to the point they were hired. This ensured that the employee could get into work as soon as possible and avoid losing them to a competitor. This demonstrated more respect for candidate’s need to get into work and therefore look more honourable as employees.

Adapting to the change can be difficult, especially if your business is a larger one. Bombardier employs more than 28,500 worldwide, and an issue with this is maintaining a consistent recruitment process globally. It’s important that your brand values remain clear.

A strong recruitment plan is essential to help your business grow. Creating a comfortable working environment for your employees right from the moment of hiring not only helps your brand to attract new talent but also shines through in the work you produce.

For help creating an effective Employer Branding Strategy, check out this great post by Elizabeth Harr for Washington Technology https://goo.gl/NfNpfu

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