Your Brand or Your Employees Brand? The growing importance of Personal Branding.

How personal branding is making your employees more valuable than ever.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Employee Branding, which is about making yourselves appealing as employers. Now it’s time to talk about the importance of your employee’s personal brands and how they can be utilised online.

Digital presence matters

An early example of this is when it became apparent that employees would visit candidate’s social media as part of a standard recruitment process. This was the point of realisation that what happens online doesn’t just stay online.

pic 1

At the same time, it’s all about exposure to your brand. If you’ve got an employee with no or little online presence, you’ve missed out on a huge opportunity. What’s more, your competitors will outplay you by seeing this advantage.

Personal Branding > Corporate

Last year, published a piece on 22 Statistics That Prove the Value of Personal Branding. It was our first real insight into how much more effective personal branding was.

It’s always been a relevant concept, but we needed the figures to prove it. One of the most perhaps surprising statistics amongst others was that employees have on average 10 times more followers than their employers, proving people would rather give a follow to their favourite opinionist or inspiration as opposed to a company they know is likely to be biased.


Figure 1 Presenter Holly Willoughby boasts over 3 Million followers on Instagram.


Figure 2 Radio host Julie Adenuga uses social media to drive listeners to her Radio Station.

Entertainment figures with large followings are one of the clearest example of the way a company can capitalise on personal branding. Their online activity has the potential to drive many of their own followers to a company page from just a mention.

Everyone can benefit

As employees, remember your personal branding. A single name can create more impact than an entire company brand which has been created and maintained for decades.

As employers, try to encourage mentioning the company name into your employee’s social media. This shows pride and a sense of importance for what they do and the company they’ve chosen to do it for. It can help boost brand awareness as well as your branding as an employer.

It seems obvious to utilise employee’s personal brands as part of a digital marketing strategy, yet companies continue to harbour a brand made from values often unclear and gradually lost amongst competition.


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