Google Digital Garage round-up: Your Digital Marketing Tutor

This great new opportunity provided by Google allows anyone to progressively grasp the essential elements of Digital Marketing.

As essentials in the field, Google have made the introduction to Digital Marketing admiringly easier for the individual to master. When it comes to online advertising, like their search engine, they’re a go-to.

With Google’s Digital Garage, they continue to advance their influence in Digital Marketing. Like their mobile app Primer, which we’ve proudly listed as one of New Media Minds essential apps for the year, Google have generated refined, practical lessons and tests which allow even the newest newcomer to grasp and utilise growing online.

So how do I use it?


Whilst the introduction and fundamental topics aren’t optional, as you progress through the course, options increase on the subjects you’d next like to learn about. However, you will eventually have to complete all to pass.


The online videos offer information demonstrated in a structured, understandable way. The visuals are also easy on the eye, relevant to the topic and help with the flow of the lesson. Individuals can pause, play and re-watch as they please which makes it great for those with less reserved time on their hands.


Individuals then have the option to check their knowledge before taking the topic test. Unlike other online Social Media Marketing certificates such as Hootsuite’s, experienced marketers have the option to skip the step of watching the teaching video and knowledge checker. However the topic tests are essential and can only be taken once, so it’s important to make sure you’re prepared.

All in all, if you’re a newcomer to Digital Marketing the Digital Garage is your best start. Amongst other online courses offering lessons and certifications in all things digital, it’s among the best introductory ones.

Unforgettably, it’s also provided by a long running company who’s remain on top throughout the digital revolution makes it the best teacher to have.

Check out Google Digital Garage and get your Digital Marketing knowledge in shape on at For easy learning on the go check out Google Primer, available at

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