Twitter Master: The Big 3 for Tweet Success!

There are now 330 million active Twitter users as of 2017, boost your know-how and make sure you remain on top of your tweet game.

If you’re not on Twitter, it’s never too late. As of the final quarter of 2017, the micro-blogging site boasted over 300 million active users and a further 974 million accounts overall. Here are the three most important Twitter hacks which work every time.


Videos gain the highest engagement rate of most tweets. They are easy to make and demonstrate a lot of commitment to Twitter and the content you post on it.


They also allowed communication with followers in a more unique way, different to text and picture tweets. It also allows you to communicate clearer messages to your followers, which boosts the effectiveness of your brand image, making it easier for networking and connecting digitally in the future.


Using popular hashtags extends your tweet to more than just your followers.


Engaging in trending hashtags such as #mondaymotivation also gives your tweet a chance to be featured on twitter as well as appear on lists browsed my hundreds of twitter users. It also allows engage with others outside your usual network. Repeated hashtags such as this and #TGIF also help develop a habit of tweeting consistently, something vital to maintain a successful Twitter.

Engaging with larger accounts

It’s about who you know, right? Engaging yourself with bigger accounts, either by being retweeted or replied, your tweet impressions increase greatly.

It’s important to bear in mind that tweets engaging with larger accounts are often required to be particularly impactful if they are to gain engagement as well as impressions. This is because users who come about your tweets via larger accounts may feel less welcome to engage further with tweets from unfamiliar accounts.

Frequent engagement with larger accounts might also allow you to gain the attention and trust of their followers. This can increase traffic to your page and possibly gradually increase your following.

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