New Year, New Apps: A Digital Marketers Top 4

Giving you the low down on the apps you need on your phone to stay on top this year.

What’s great about your phone is that it’s always with you. As a staple for most people in the game these days, it’s a fantastic opportunity to be able to do a lot of your work on the go.

Most importantly, these apps range from a daily essential to time fillers to the best last resort away from a computer.

Here’s the low down on the best apps you’re going to want in 2018.

Best for: Staying up to date

Having a news aggregator app is great for keeping track of general news and updates in the world of your favourite topics. Moreover, with the growing number of high quality news sites, accessing multiple channels easily from one platform is becoming an increasingly popular way to get the latest information.


Feedly is simple and straightforward to use, which makes it stand out from other new aggregator apps. It’s also noticeably fluent and customisable.

Users can separate their news feed into topics, which then display the top stories from all your favourite sites.

Not only does this make getting your daily news fix easier, it also means you’re up to date across all platforms.


Phones are a go-to for time fillers, so why not fill them with productive apps? Keeping your theory up to date means you can apply the best methods to your practice.


Primer is a great app by Google for staying on top of your theory.

The mini lessons range from public relations to analytics, with some being over two or three lessons.

It offers mini cards on simple tools and techniques in Digital Marketing, as well as little tests in between. Its simplicity makes it easy to use and quite good fun.

Maintaining an online presence

The average internet user accesses five social media accounts. If you or your company are currently on multiple channels, maintaining that online presence is vital to the company’s growth. This means staying up to date with posts, as well as having a platform to manage your own.

Having online accounts that are inactive can damage your brand perception as you need look consistent. Making sure you’re always present is most important.


Whilst it shares similar features with Buffer, Hootsuite’s app goes the distance in ensuring it’s there for most social media needs on-the-go.

Users can access feed from multiple social media. This makes all new posts, regardless of platform, more accessible. The layout is also great for easy viewing.

It also allows you to schedule posts, so you can plan weeks in advance.

Generating the best designs

Because what’s a digital marketer without their creative kick? Being able to create good graphics away from a computer becomes very useful for those who want to create quick designs.


An app version of the website and just as easy to use. Canva allows users to generate designs from templates.

Designs can also be tailored by changing text and adding shapes and images provided by the app for free.

Templates are also tailored to the sizes needed for each Social Media platform. Plus, the ready-made designs are great for some inspiration.

All apps are available on the App Store and Google Play. We love to hear about the best apps out there, let us know your Digital Marketing essentials in the comments!

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