Time to check: Is your Business looking its very best on Social Media?

It only takes one satisfying visit on your social media to gain you a new online follower. Here’s how to ensure your first impression’s a good one.

Sometimes having the social media just doesn’t cut it, especially since people are becoming more and more aware of what accounts they follow. Checking out a company or individual’s profile that’s not going to give you a run for your follow is the reason so many accounts receive significantly larger numbers of profile views than follows or likes.

It’s all well and good making sure your content is great, but what about everything that leads you up to having followers around to see it? Here’s the hardy checklist of things to make sure are clear in your profile and throughout your activity to make sure you’re giving viewers the best your business has to offer.

Are you clear about who you are?


Often businesses can be difficult to find on social media due to the inconsistency in user names. This example shows an Architecture firm with a different username used for two of it’s platforms. With the number of starting businesses at a high, companies are struggling to find unique names, which often makes making yourself found online hard.

Make sure you maintain the same username across platforms, preferably a no-spaces version of your usual name, so you remain easy to find.

Where you are


Having a base is most important when creating your digital footprint. Even successful businesses offering services establish a location where their ideas are generated.

Not only does having a physical base make you look more trustworthy and legitimate as a business, but it also builds up familiar ground with your customers. Your location (whether you give an exact address or just a city) establishes a lot about your company’s ideologies and work environment.

What you do


You may be very good at it, but often online businesses don’t make it clear to visitors what they do, and people aren’t always willing to scroll through your feed to find out.

Ensure (if it’s not in your name) that your purpose as a company is stated in your bio and preferably within your company logo. This creates a clearer brand message, and also makes you easier to find by those who may be browsing for your product or service.

And how you can be reached?


Make it clear how you can be reached, and add as many points of action as you can so the client is more inclined to make a move.

When a customer gets in contact with you, you know you’ve done it right!

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