Netflix: The leaders of online TV?

The online streaming service is now available in 200 countries, so what better time to pick apart why we love them?

We love companies that know what they’re doing online, and Netflix is one of those. Whether you’re a business or just you, looking at examples of success can be a great way to learn and inspire yourself.

Where did they come from?

Netflix founders Reed Hastings and Mark Randolf started as an online DVD rental service where customers could browse films online and have the DVD’s delivered to their home.

Here’s a timeline of their journey since their launch in the end of 1997.

1.pngWhat did they do right?

Unlike other DVD rental services such as Blockbusters, Netflix are a notable example of a company embracing trends over the years.

After trading successfully online in rentals, Netflix offered a subscriptions service in 1999 whereby users paid a set price a month for unlimited DVD rentals. This allowed them to retain repeat customers and begin its embarkment as a love mark amongst users.

They made technological advancements, which introduced personalised recommendations for individual users in 2000.

This contributed to an enhanced customer experience, users could share their ratings and be suggested more relevant content. It also created a community amongst other users, allowing them to connect with other individuals and not just the site.

2007, and Netflix embraced the opportunities of digital by creating the opportunity to stream on computers. This is where it utilised an opportunity that others didn’t. Others blame the closing down of HMV stores on their lack of digital services where it could have been facilitated.

And a quick mention of that strong Twitter game

To sum up their online strength, here are some of our favourite tweets from the online streaming service, now available worldwide.

243Netflix can be streamed on most internet devices in most countries, visit for more information.


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