Review: This Month’s Best Journal Articles

From Young Consumers to Data Privacy, my favourite journal articles this month.

My month has been jam-packed with assignments, and I’ve gotten through my fair of journal articles.

I thought I’d share my favourites that I feel would be beneficial to anyone into Marketing and others that were just interesting and worthy of praise. These are all PDFs so you can view them online and download them if you wish.

There’s something nice about finding a great article packed with good references and useful information and adding it to your collection… Or is it just me?

Paradoxes and strategies of social media consumption among adolescents (2014)

From Young Consumers


Great for learning about: Social Media usage of Generation Y

This one I use all the time. It’s talks all about attitudes, behaviours and influences of social media among a generation that’s grown up with it. It’s also great if you’re looking to grasp opinions on social media. The references are also relevant.

Ecological Marketing, Green Marketing, Sustainable Marketing: Synonyms or an Evolution of Ideas? (2016)

From Economic Alternatives


Great for learning about: Sustainable marketing

All about the importance of sustainability from corporations, it has some great insights from well know professors such as Phillip Kotler and ideas which remain valid to this day. I prefer reading journal articles around sustainability which are written post CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) age as they focus more on why it’s important rather than how to prevent it.

Consumer Responses to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Contribution Type (2017)

From Journal of Consumer Research


Great for learning about: Corporate Social Responsibility

An important one, especially in this era. All about CSR, this journal talks about consumer attitudes towards corporate social responsibility. It’s also useful as all companies need to consider it to maintain their competitive advantage and to stay ahead.

The Role of Data Privacy in Marketing (2017)

From Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science


Great for learning about: Data privacy

If I was going to recommend you one article for the win, it must be this one. Not only does it cover just about everything to do with data privacy in marketing, but it also lists out every key phrase and term that it feels has ever been written regarding data privacy.

Happy reading!

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