Starting a Blog – It’s not that scary

I am Sam, I’m a student and blogger writing for New Media Mind. I write quite a bit about the misunderstandings about starting your own website and offer some clarity on it.

Many people are put off the idea of starting a Blog or Website because of three reasons.

  1. It’s too complicated
  2. It’s too expensive
  3. I won’t have time to fill it in and keep it up to date

I am writing this article to tell you that starting a website really is easier, cheaper and less time consuming than you probably think, and because technology is developing so quickly, more and more people are starting websites and blogs. As there are more companies emerging, you need to start early to compete within the space.


Worldwide, there are over 200 Million Active websites, so unsurprisingly there are many companies fiercely competing in this industry. Many of them offer free domains, hosting or other add-ons such as email and site builders to encourage a sign up from you. To keep things simple, it is easier to buy the domain and hosting package from the same provider, as it prevents having to go through the process of switching the DNS Servers from one provider to another, which is just as well because this can be quite a lengthy and time-consuming process.

I have found that the cheapest providers, if you only want one website for you, and possibly a small team, to work on, then your cheapest bet will probably be 1and1 or (please do not be confused by the similar names).

Please see the below spreadsheet to understand the costings involved, this is using One.Com as an example.


You can also add services such as HTTPS certification, Domain Privacy and Email Addresses for a very low cost.

Ease of Use

If you are not technically minded, you may find WordPress quite a difficult program to use. It is true that the popular CMS does confuse its users. I admittedly was quite bemused when I first started using it. Fear not, there are many other alternatives out there, many of which are included in hosting packages. They are very user friendly, come with great technical support and the templates ready to use and edit are very crisp and modern. I have made a helpful table to advise which ones are best, matched to your needs.

Promoting an Offline Business Squarespace
Building an Online Store Shopify
Blogging WordPress
Online CV/Portfolio Squarespace/WordPress
Something easy to play around with Squarespace

There are as many Website builders out there as there are websites to build with them, but some of them really do stand out. Squarespace is known for its excellent customer service and extremely easy to use interface, so if you are not technically minded, Squarespace would be where I’d go, and for reference their plans are available from £10 per month.

Keeping it up-to-date

The internet is awash with websites that have been stale for months, or even years. This is because the owners of the websites are too busy, preoccupied, or simply forget to update their website. When it comes to SEO, one of the most fundamental points is to keep your website regularly updated. Regularly changing homepage content, or at the very least generating new blog posts for it every week keeps it relevant. This will prevent Google’s algorithm seeing your site as a stale inactive one and therefore pushing it down the rankings.

There are some tools you can use to keep your site up to date, such as WordPress post scheduler, where you write up your blog posts, and then schedule each one at a certain time. This means that you can spend an entire day writing 20 Blog posts, and then scheduling them to be released every three days or so. This saves time and makes your life easier.

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