Making a great persona

Knowing how to is a great skill!

Personas come in useful when you’re targeting people to appeal to, whether that be for your company or a personal endeavour such as a blog or social media account.

If you don’t know what a persona is, think of it as your model customer. It represents what your target market has in common and makes them into one-person representative of a possible million.

Here is an example of a model persona made for the reader of a blog:



These should be representative of the age group. What’s your target age group? What were the most popular baby names when they were born?

Then introduce them by considering:

  • What is their interest in your service?
  • Are they active/semi-active participants?
  • How frequently and in what capacity might they engage with you?
  • Do they need or want your service?


Adding an image to your persona really helps bring them to life. Any picture of them in an everyday setting can be helpful when generating ideas about them. I add a picture I also imagine would be on their phone as I think someone’s lock screen picture says a lot about them and their values.

Demographics and psychographics

These are all the key facts about them. I think of them as ways they would be classed or grouped as people. Considering factors such as education or social grade can also generate better clarity into the life they lead and how you could most likely impact them.


Consider how they spend their free time or what kind of social media they use. Even places they might visit frequently to best grasp where they can be found.

These very much vary on what you’re making your persona for. As this one is for a blog, technological factors have been considered such as main devices. In an increasingly online world, these factors are important to consider regardless.

Associate brands

I find this part the most fun as well as helpful later down the line when I remind myself who I’m aiming at. Making a point of noting down brands they might associate themselves with is the best tool to connect them with others based on common ground. The brands someone relates to says a lot about them as well as their values and lifestyle.


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