Tips and tricks for LinkedIn

Boost your personal image, make connections

Often in the working world, it’s easy to feel out of the loop. Jobs fly around every millisecond and there’s one for everyone. LinkedIn is a social network designed to connect professionals. It’s got 332 Million members, and 2 people join every minute. Here are some top tips for getting linked in:

Keep your profile up to date

This is also a factor in staying relevant. Any task, project or job should be on your LinkedIn with accurate dates and a detailed job description which outlines just what you can do. This helps to add to the clarity of who you are.

Have a professional photo and make it clear where your base is and where you can be found.

Never send an empty connect invitation

There are often a lot of empty invitations to connect from random accounts which makes it hard to know which ones are valid. Make sure your connection contains a message, even something small. It makes you look more credible and dedicated to making valuable connections.

Try and post!

As with most social media, it’s important to keep posting to maintain relevancy as well as your personal brand image. Remaining seen keeps you at the forefront of social media. It really pays when someone’s thinking of who they can find for a task, they’ll remember someone who’s always on their feed and clearly dedicated to maintaining their professional image.

Your posts could be of:

  • Updates in your field
  • A recent event
  • An interesting article you’ve read

Check it frequently

This keeps you up to date with current conversation, and helps you see what trends are happening. Frequently being exposed to new professional content is also a great inspiration for your own creative output as well.

Don’t be afraid to interact

People are on LinkedIn to network, join in conversations! Use hashtags and tags and connect with others you see have a similar interest in something as you.

Like, comment and share whatever you feel is great content on LinkedIn, it keeps you active online without having to consistently post. And who knows, you might gain yourself a new connection!

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