Google Digital Garage round-up: Building YOUR Brand Online

So you’ve complete your Digital Garage course, you’ve got a great social media strategy and your business profiles are looking A1 online. What’s missing? In the final instalment of the Google Digital Garage round-up, we go over how you can build your own personal brand online.

Your personal online branding is so important. It helps you identify who you are, what you do and how you’re different from your peers. What’s more, employers care about you you look online.

What is a personal brand?

Your personal brand is how you promote yourself, your unique combination of skills, experience, and personality that you want to put out there. Think ‘influencers’, the pinnacle of online branding who use their strong personal brand to influence peoples thinking, feeling and buying.


And just like a business brand, it could all be lies, completely different to who you are offline, or maybe just great marketing…?

Where do I start? Cleaning up

No cleaning supplies necessary. This is the important task of checking privacy settings, deleting old posts or profiles, and the ever-fun practice of Googling yourself. The general task of online security maintenance is tedious, and deleting old posts and profiles is never as fun as when you first put them up.

Start the clean-up with – See where your profile has been linked to in a few clicks, from fashions sites you don’t shop off of anymore to an airport you visited once 5 years ago and happily gave your e-mail for free WiFi.


What’s better, in one click sends an automated e-mail to customer services requesting removal of your details from that site. Goodbye overflowing junk mail!

Brand Consistency and Quality

As important for you as it is for your brand. Keep those online handles consistent! If you’re @BestDigitalGuruEver on Twitter, you’ve got to be @BestDigitalGuruEver on Instagram, and you’ve got to be found at

Likewise, make sure that wherever you can be found online is active, up-to-date and full of consistent content, “Content consistency creates trust”. It’s far better to have just one or two online platforms where you can reach your audience and keep consistent with tailored content than have generic, inconsistent content distributed on many of your accounts.


Know how you’re looking

Access your social media from a different browser, Google yourself from an incognito tab or your friends phone, even mix and match all of the above, just make sure you know what others can see. This is just as important for curious employers as it is for your own online privacy.

Know when someone mentions you with Google Alerts – Set alerts up for any keywords including your name, company or website.



The workforce of professionals with strong online personal brands continues to grow, but never let boosting your online game jeopardise your safety. Remember to stay familiar with what information belongs online and what doesn’t. Happy on-lining!

Find out more about Google Digital Garage, read more on how to stay Online and Undefeated, and *shameless self promo warning* follow me on Twitter to stay up-to-date with new posts @HantheMarketer.

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